Try Cooking Something Different

Are you tired of serving the same dinners night after night? Try these if you have never tried them!
Although beef is a favorite in the U.S. leg of lamb is Australia’s favorite dish.
To select the freshest cut of lamb look for the pinkest colored meat.
If the taste is a little strong choose leaner cuts, as much of that strong flavor is in the fatter cuts

Goat is probably the world’s most eaten, over 65%.  meat.
making up almost 70 percent of the red meat eaten globally. Goats will try to eat almost anything.
I say “try” because while they may take a lot of stuff in their mouth they may not eat it.
They like  the taste of  shrubs.
Goat have lean, savory meat that works well with spicy and tart flavors.wusthof cutlery

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Also known as buffalo, has 33 percent more protein, 14 percent more iron, and 8 percent more B12 than beef.
This leaner, lower calorie option offers a taste that is similar to that of a fine cut of beef, with a bit sweeter and more robust flavor.