Beef Round

Beef Round Common Cuts and Other Names

Boneless Full-cut Steak regular or thin-cut

Bone-in Full-cut Steak

Boneless Top Round Steak  regular-thick-cut or thin-cut

Minute Steak,
Sandwich Steak, Breakfast Steak

Boneless Top Round Roast

Boneless Bottom Round Steak  regular or thin-cut

Boneless Bottom Round Roast

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Eye of Round Steak  regular or thin-cut

Boneless Eye of Round Roast

Bonelesss Rump Roast

Boneless Melon-cut Rump Roast

Boneless Cubed Steak

Boneless Stew-meat  regular and extra lean

Ground Beef regular (30% fat or less)-lean (22% fat or less)-extra-lean (15% fat or



Beef cuts from the round are located in the rear portion of the carcass,
which includes the top of the leg, or hind shank, and the rump. Cuts
from the round primal are lean, but not necessarily tender. The fat and
marbling that is present in some of the other primal beef cuts help to
tenderize and flavor the meat as it cooks.

Because of the limited quantity of marbling, round cuts benefit from a moist, slow cooking method such as braising in order to produce the most tender and
flavorful meat. Oven roasting may only be used for top quality round

Sub-Primal CutRetail CutsDescription
Bottom RoundBottom Round RoastThe bottom round is the outside muscle of the upper leg.
The bottom round may be used as an oven roast if it is of the best
quality and it is not overcooked, but it is much better if it is
Bottom Round Steak(Swiss Steak)The bottom round steak is often referred to as a Swiss
steak (as is a chuck arm steak).
Standing Rump RoastBoneless Rump RoastThe rump roast is another beef cut that can be a bit tough, especially if it is roasted in the oven.
It is much better when it is pot-roasted. A rump roast that has not been boned is known as a
standing rump roast. A boneless rump roast is sometimes sold as is or
it may be rolled and tied before it is packaged and sold.
Eye RoundEye Round RoastThe eye round is the eye muscle of the bottom round.
The eye round roast is boneless and can be a bit tough, so it is best to
cook it with a moist heat process such as braising.
Eye Round SteakThe eye round steak is cut from the eye round roast.
Top RoundTop Round RoastThe top round is the inside muscle of the upper leg.
The top round roast is obtained from the top round.
Top Round Steak

Round Steak

London Broil

The top round steak is a thick steak that is cut from the top round roast. A thinner steak cut from the top round roast is simply called a round steak.London Broil is the name sometimes given to a top round steak, but it is more often cut from the flank primal.
Round TipRound Tip Roast

Kabob Meat

The round tip is found on the front of the leg from the hip to the knee. It is next to the sirloin tri-tip so it is a bit more tender than other round cuts. It may be oven roasted if it is of top quality and it is often cut into pieces for use as kabob meat.
Round Tip SteakThe round tip steak is cut from the untrimmed round tip roast. If the steak is obtained from the trimmed roast, it is known as a trimmed tip steak or a ball tip steak.
OtherGround Round(Ground Beef)Lean trim from the round can be ground, which may be
labeled as extra-lean  ground beef 85% lean

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