Beef Brisket


The beef brisket is located on the underside of the animal below the chuck primal and is
also known as the breast meat, which extends from between the forelegs to the plate.

It includes part of the breast bone and the lower ends of ribs 1-5.
The fore shank, which is the top of the fore leg, is often included with the brisket primal.
The brisket / plate / flank are often grouped together as one primal cut or they may be considered as separate primal cuts.
Braising and stewing are the preferred methods of
cooking brisket cuts

Brisket  retails as fresh or corned (as in Corned Beef)
Fresh brisket is sold whole, flat cut or point cut
Flat cut is the leanest and point cut is fattest.

It is very flavorful, but tough, mainly used for pot roasts and it is also the cut that is most often
used for corned beef. It is usually sold boneless and more often than not, it is cut into two pieces:

  • Back half, which is also
    known as the flat half or thin cut-leanest cut
  • Front half, which has more fat than the back half an is also known as the point cut or thick

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